Why haven’t science and the universities solved the cancer problem?


by Fred Wittig

Pharma has influences and power everywhere.  Clearly man has made a business out of health care at the expense of the patient, the economy, and the morals of the workers in the medical industry.

  • If mammograms may cause cancer, why do doctors recommend them?
  • If biopsy’s may spread cancer, what are we cutting into our bodies?
  • If 75%- 85% of MD’s refuse chemo, why do they suggest their patients go through it?

What are we doing?  The answer is this: it’s all about money.  Oncologist can and have been purchased.  Laws are written by the drug companies in the form of licensing boards.  Lawyers are eager to sue doctors like hungry wolves in the kitchen.  They are constantly on the defense and more worried about being sued than actually doing what’s right for their patients.

If we start over and look at health objectively with a scientific perspective instead of an economic perspective, answers and pieces to the puzzle become clearer.  Our work is just mining the wealth of information produced by scientists many years ago.  We are now relating this information to cancer in a way that is common sense and putting it together into a workable plan.  The industry mindset, currently in the dark caves of money centered, mafia-like minds, is starting to change because bright young physicians, scientists, and nurses are seeing the light and soon will say yes to life.

Why were Rife, Gerson, Simoncini, and many others threatened or destroyed?  To protect the financial incomes of powerful special interest groups? Many books have been written on their struggles and speak towards the money machine that our “health care” industry has become.

Our work is focused on common sense solutions to what we consider to be a simple problem.  We are pulling together many great minds onto one path that will continue to be refined based on new knowledge and experience.  If you are challenged with a medical crisis, or you’re a caretaker, please consider funding this good news.  I guarantee that you will find value for yourself and others.  This is a time of change for everyone in some important way.  The medical system is imploding on all fronts. We need a new direction.  This new path was always there but is only now being recognized by western medicine.



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