Ebook: Fighting Cancer? A Battle Plan for Hope



Author:Fred Wittig           

A simple science based way to beat cancer by yourself at home.

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What is this Ebook about?

This book will make a difference in one day.  It is a book with no fillers.  I believe that when you are in trouble, you don’t have time to read a 200 or 500 page book looking for a path?  You need information and answers right away and in a form that speaks to your common sense.

If you think you might have a problem, but haven’t done any treatment or even biopsy diagnosis this book could ultimately save your life.  It can also make a huge difference in the lives of anyone, even if you are in hospice care and have had all the treatments.  Even if you are a caregiver for a loved one with cancer or a medical professional who is curious about natural ways and different thinking, this book could greatly improve the care that you provide in the darkest times of people’s lives.

Remember the importance of attitude!  Positivity is like saying yes to life!

This book is not an attack on the system.  It is about winning your life back.  It is a call to action and a fresh breath of hope.   It is meant to stir healing, end pain for many, and answer some of your questions.  Some of these answers come from NDs or Naturalpathic Doctors.  This is intended to assist anyone who is looking for help with a cancer crisis.  It is an act of love.

I consider myself to be a knowledge broker, as one person calls me.  Remember I am not a doctor of any kind, nor do i pose as one.  My great grandfather was a healer with prayer but that is as far as my medical legacy goes.  My part is to combine the best of the best in research.  Everything I pull from is science based, not just studies justified.  A few of the leaders in research and practice related to cancer that I reference include Wartburg, Royal Rife, Gerson, Coldwell, Simoncini, Sircus, Brownstein,  Abramson and Tel-Oren.

Human nature looks for the ultimate answer and then hang their life on it.  We  need something to put our hope in.  Hope can motivate the immune system just like fear can kill you.  People with cancer are bombarded with all kinds of claims from media as well as well meaning friends.  “This super food!”  “That nutrient!”  “New procedures!”  “Exciting new research!”  Our need to suggest solutions to those in need is human nature but bombarding people can have the opposite effect than we intended.  Instead of giving people hope, they feel lost in a sea of conflicting information.  Outlined in this book is a program that works and is designed to work every time.

Enough is enough. Wellness is simple and YOU CAN DO THIS!


“Fighting Cancer? A Battle Plan for Hope” by Fred Wittig

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  1. We’ll by no means win the war against cancer with our current approach. When you understand what cancer is and why there’s so much of it these days you’ll comprehend why they will never discover a cure. It is exactly the same as trying to find a cure for scurvy which obviously everybody knows is really a vitamin C deficiency illness. With scurvy it is effortlessly cured by consuming a food item that contains the missing vitamin.

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