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The Collapse of Health Care is Here?

Surgeon  Opinion –

How can this be with all of the hospitals, skilled staffs, drugs for everything, TV ads, fundraising for cancer in the hundreds of millions, law suits, and many more wellness related businesses?

I ponder this situation and can only conclude that all of these health related efforts are now businesses and in today's capitalistic morality… business is only there to make money, to make a profit and pay the stock holders, or staff ….no matter what happens to the patient… or child. Even the hospitals owned by the Sisters struggle to be ministries under pressure to survive financially…since so few can pay today.

The founders of our fragile government could never imagine companies becoming so rich, so profitable, that they can literally influence the government, the media, the universities, the hospitals, the insurance companies, the licensing boards, and….. your Doctor. A few lawyers saw this opportunity and are the highest paid of all with settlements in the millions.  It looks like everyone is winning: How can this be?  and collapse at the same time?

The well is running dry to water this huge operation. We exported most of our jobs off shore thanks to the global giants like Wal-Mart so we can have all of their products at lower cost to save us money. Maybe we don't need the stinky factories anymore to pollute the environment, or labor intensive dull jobs that pay minimum wage without insurance.

But the Health industry needs big money to survive and if people aren't working with insurance or pay taxes, something has to give…… and it is…. fast.  The government can only keep printing/borrowing money to pay everyone. There is no other choice and still the poor don't have health/dental care and their only hope is to get on some disability or welfare.

Collapse is when you can't afford to go to the doctor, or you know he can't help you anyway.

Will we find a way out of this mess?  Unlikely because who in health care wants to give up their big money and profits? Man doesn't like change if he is winning. The politicians are really just fund raisers to keep themselves going and are committed, or told, to never agree with the other side.  Solving problems and taking action is not what they are able to do anymore.

There are a small percentage of citizens that educate themselves about wellness and do fine with almost no health care costs. More are realizing that it is up to them to be healthy and take responsibility or they will lose everything with a health crisis. Who is left?  Well it comes down to us. Yes, you and me to do what ever we can to be, and help others to be, healthy in our community. Ask your physically and mentally vibrant friends what they are doing, especially the older ones who have no health problems….if you can find one.

Fred is an active health researcher specializing in natural ways to prevent and suppress cancer applying engineering problem solving skills to wellness challenges. He is also author of the book, Fighting Cancer, A Battle Plan For Hope




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