Cancer is Fungal


Could it be that simple?  fungusMicroscope

After 6 years of study focused on cancer it is hard to overlook that possibility or reality. It is well known that Candida, a fungal, always goes along with Cancer, but which is first? Oncologist Tullio Simoncini in his book “Cancer is a Fungus” goes into some detail and proof about this. His Cancer treatment is for Candida and is over 90% successful without chemo or radiation. So you could say that the argument is meaningless because his therapy works!

Fungal is a big variety of living things we put into a group but don’t seem to know how they work. “A plant with a brain that can communicate” was one description that gets our attention so this is not just a simple weed. They can be microscopic or miles, yes miles, long….pretty big group.

Andreas Moritz, a gifted prolific researcher writer, says cancer is a blessing because it is the body’s response to an overgrowth of an invader. The tumor is created by the body to contain the Cancer until it can eliminate it. So then the body’s reaction is what we see and call Cancer. If that is so, then all the long names we put on different types of cancer are just different responses to the same invader.

Man wants to name things as if that is problem solving and when he has it identified he is puffed up and thinking stops in a way…at least the curiosity ends. Plus it loads up his memory leaving less for characteristics of the thing he is naming. If we can recite many complex names, that gives us an entrance into the elite scientific club. Today’s medical system is based on diagnosis (name). Then turn the card over for the drug to prescribe. As a mechanic/engineer I have to always find the cause of the problem so medical thinking doesn’t make sense to me. Rote thinkers versus problem solvers?

Max Gerson many years ago did well treating people with a juiced vegetable diet and gave no mention of knowing what he was fighting but it worked. Why? Because it created a “terrain” that a fungus couldn’t thrive in.

Royal Rife, most gifted natural scientist, was the first person to see diseased microbes (small living things) 80 years ago with his amazing microscope. He confirmed visually that microbes change shape with very small changes in their environment. This was incredibly difficult for 1930 but he did it. He cured cancer with radio frequencies 100% in a very carefully documented study of 17 terminal patients.

He is unknown to MD’s today. A young Doctor carefully researched his work after the lab closed and made an interesting comment on the Rife Video. “….the line between the different types of microbes may not exist”

Hulda Clark called cancer a parasite and caused it to “burst” with different electrical frequencies.

My conclusion is that the name means nothing unless there are all the characteristics associated with it. In fact, I propose, that all we have to know is what the “bug” likes and doesn’t like and then we are in control and have found the answer. This is not a popular concept for the system….. but life saving if you have cancer yourself.

Fred is an active health researcher specializing in natural ways to prevent and suppress cancer applying engineering problem solving skills to wellness challenges. You can read more about Fred’s research in his book: “Fighting Cancer, A Battle Plan For Hope” 



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