Big Pharma has met it’s match…..the Web!


Fred Wittig   29 May 2012

The drug industry has mastered capitalism perfectly for unbelievable profits and grown to be a major industry world wide.  They were very clever to buy control of every type of institution and organization related to their industry income stream. This includes the politicians, government agencies, insurance companies, Universities, Research companies, media, licensing boards and therefore the MD’s. They are highly skilled with methods refined over the last 80 years.

To demonstrate their capabilities globally; they have recently banned the easy availability of the common sodium bicarbonate solution in IV bags. This is used for a very successful cancer treatment to protect their income from chemo. (Simoncini)

How did they get so much control?  Money from profits on their products because the cost of manufacture is so low and with patents, the sky is the limit for prices.

And by law the government must pay the invoice for Medicare, as an example. MD’s can only use drugs so they have the system locked up for a guaranteed return on investment and continued control.

Fines and the cost of legal settlements nearing billions are built into the drug price.  It is a guaranteed profit no matter what happens because they are above the law.

“Remember that the definition of fascism is a government system that has complete power in regimenting all industry and forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism. What we have here is a hybrid—a sort of corporate fascism, where industry has powerful control over government, and forcefully suppresses anything that threatens their monopoly on profits.”


However…. times are changing and the end could be in site. Now the internet can expose hard evidence of their fraudulent and criminal way of doing business to the world. Plus the truth about wellness is available to anyone…. including the MD’s.

This has to be a nightmare for the entire industry built on control of what the public knows. E-Newsletters with 1 million readers are becoming common and expose the harm and death to families….. just for money. (Mercola 28May2012)

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Fred is an active health researcher specializing in natural ways to prevent and suppress cancer applying engineering problem solving skills to wellness challenges.




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