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Sacred Life CenterAt the Sacred Life Center, we provide a humane approach to solving serious chronic health issues like cancer.  We look for the “root cause” and offer a pure science based plan to address the problem and its cause. This is without any damage to the patient, no harmful chemicals like chemo, no radiation, and rarely any surgery. This is very common sense and intensely focused on making the patient well.

We call it the Terrain Approach. It addresses the complete “Terrain” surrounding the patient, including everything that could affect the person’s well being, nutritionally, physically and emotionally.

We understand that researching and choosing the right cancer treatment can be very confusing and it is a very important, personal decision.  But if you have ever witnessed the effects of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery to treat cancer and thought to yourself, there has to be a better way, then you may find the research and information on this site of great interest. We are here not only to tell you but to show you, there is a better way.


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We also feel it is our duty to uncover much of the truth that big health care does not want the public to know. You can find our research here.


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